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Boost Farm Productivity Using Smart Sensors and Data Intelligence.

What We Do

Yuktix provides Agri Intelligence Systems to assist growers in increasing productivity and reducing risks to create a sustainable and food secure world.

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How We Help Growers?


Climate Resiliant Agriculture for Tribal Farmers

Farm produce is affected by a changing climate, land patterns, unpredictable rainfall and excessive use of pesticides. Tribal farmers in Orissa need digital data to face the challenges of climate change. Learn how Yuktix is working with Gram Vikas to install climate smart agriculture practices.

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Smart Guava Farm in Kolar

A guava farm faced the challenges of falling fruits because of excessive soil moisture. The growers had no information on weather or soil data. Yuktix provided accurate soil advisory to boost production by 25%.
Jai Kishan, Jai Vigyaan.

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Who We Help?

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Our Technology

Monitor your agriculture farm, plantation, research field micro-weather, soil parameters with the help of Yuktix ankiDB™ IoT platform. We provide a low code solution to bring data from multiple sources and on the network for every one to share and analyze.

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ankiDB™ cloud

Manage your agriculture devices and data over the Yuktix device cloud. Provision and categorize devices, view trends, analyze data and set rule base alerts. Deploy inpremise, run different processing pipelines, integrate with google big query or Microcoft azure.

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ankiDB™ micro

Plug multiple agriculture sensors into the low powered device nodes with solar charging and battery back-up. Multiple wireless options available. On-board memory and processing.
The ankiDB micro stack comprises of hardware nodes and routers and firmware.

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