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Yuktix IoT devices provide accurate micro weather, soil and environment data for farm digitization. Our greensense app provides data backed soil health, irrigation and crop management advisory to ensure more profits per acre of land. We would love to hear from you.

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Lets Hear, What Shankar has to say as a Modern Farmer

His family has been in large scale farming of taiwanese guavas and other produce for the past 25 years. To him, every sapling on his farm is like a child that needs to be nurtured and cared for. That is why it is important to get an honest feedback from Shankar about our technologies.

Greensense - Your own digital agronomist

India is behind US, china and other european countries in terms of productivity / acre. The reason behind this is un-availibilty of scitific advisory backed by data. This leads to low productivity.

Yuktix provides a perfect blend of sensing devices deployed in the field to capture micro-weather and soil data coupled with next generation agri-itellignce software utilizing scinetific reseach to increase your farm productivity by 15-20%.

Greensense | Case Study

Soil intelligence

The amount of soil moisture available at the root zone can decide the health of the crop. Accurate soil moisture can help you avoid water stress and ensure that the plants are healthy to provide more profits.

Yuktix provides accurate soil moisture devices to detect soil volumetric water content at multiple depths to predict water stress and send irrigation advisory. With our award winning wireless technology, you can easily create a network of soil moisture sensors that run on solar power.

Yuktix Soil Moisture Sensor | Case Study

Disease management

Micro-weather play a major role in pest and disease attack. Without information about the micro-weather, farmer spray excessive pesticide to make erredicate pest and disease. This leads to excessive resource utilization, more investment of money and residue problem.

With Yuktix next generation intelligence software, now get notificed in advance about possibility of disease and spray accordingly. Save upto 25% on pesticie and gorw produce with less residue

Yuktix Greensense | Case Study