Climate Resiliant Agriculture for Tribal Farmers


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The Problem

The client is a NGO based in Odhisha and work with traibal farmers in the remote locations in Odisha. At present, they don't have information about Micro-weather information about the locations they are working in. Availability of water is these area depend on single sources and with changing climate, they want to optimize the water usage.

To optimize the water usage, they need to know how much it has rained and what is the soil moisture in the field, so that they can provide custom adviosry to the farmers. Right now they don't have

  • Weather station to monitor the micro-climate
  • Infratsrurure to store and process the information
  • Digital tool to generate report and custom adviosry
  • Send the advisory to end farmer
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The Challenges

Yuktix Solution

Yuktix deployed GreenSense nodes with onboard single-cell solar charger (SSC) and battery with soil moisture sensors. The nodes were deployed in fields that have absorbent molecules (treatment group) as well as the ones without (control group). The data from all the fields were collected and Volumetric water content was computed in real time.

The client could see the variation across groups in real time. The nodes kept working without any maintenance during the entire project lifecycle

  • Solar powered automatic weather station
  • GreenSense soil moisture sensor node for individual farm
  • Interactive dashboard and report over email for NGO team
  • Soil testing based fertilizer recommendation
  • Next 5 days weather forecast for planning various activities
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How Yuktix is transforming Agriculture with Technology


What we achieved

25% water saved
25% reduction in losses
15% increase in productivity
Wastage Reduction
Effective Utilization of man Power

We tackle the challenges

Besides working with start-up enterprises as a partner for digitalization, we have built enterprise products for common pain points that we have encountered in various products and projects.

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