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The Problem

The client is a Miltiational company. One of their VRS ( vegetable research center ) and seed production facility is working with farmers growing tomato for seeds in multiple locatons. Irrigation play a important role in tomato. At present the company research team and production team don't have information about the irrigation done by the farmers i.e. if they are under irrigating or over irrigating. Also, if there is any failure, they won't be able to find out the reason behind it in absense of data.

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The Challenges

Yuktix Solution

Yuktix GreenSense for Greenhouse with Soil VWC ( volumetric water content ), Soil EC and Soil Tempeature. Multiple sensors were deployed in a single GreenHouse. There were multiple Greenhouse in a single location and multiple locations. Soil data was sampled every 15 minute to monitor even the smallest changes. In case of unavailability of the network, the data was saved locally on SD card with RTC values and synchronized with cloud once network is back

Data collected by the devices is analyzed by ankiDB cloud and made available to the user via GreenSense dashboard. Daily and weekly reports are send to research and production team. Alerts are also send to grower if soil VWC values are found to be below the recommended value.

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What we achieved

25% Reduction in water utilized
15% reduction in amount of fertilizer used using Soil EC values
Increase in production
150 man hours saved
Effective Utilization of man Power

We tackle the challenges

"Yuktix GreenSense devices help us to monitor Soil moisture from multiple locations and optimize the use of water and fertilizer. It really has been usefull for us in saving our time also"

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