Smart Irrigation

Save 40% of water and 30% on power used in Irrigation. Monitor your agriculture farm land soil moisture 24x7 from anywhere, anytime using Yukix Soil Sensors.

About Yuktix
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Monitor Soil Moisture

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    Solar Powered

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    Wireless Node, Install at Multiple Locations

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    Plan Your Irrigration

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    Alert Over Email, SMS and WhatsApp

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    Weather Forecast

Analyze, Share and Get advice

With Yuktix GreenSense dashboard, analyze the data. Use sensor mixture app to compare data, get weather forecast and take actions.

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Get advisory backed by data, plan and irrigate

Yuktix next-generation agri-intelligence platform take data from multiple sources, run AI based models and provide advisory for irrigation

Get Notified over SMS, Email and WhatsApp

Set Alerts for individual parameters for a single or multiple devices and get notified in real time. Donwload reports or data for indepth research or future analysis.

SMS Notification

Email Notification

WhatsApp Notification

Instant Notification

Save 40% Water

Using Yuktix advisory and GreenSense dashboard, plan your irrigation schedule according to crop. Analyze your irrigation using calender view, improve it and save more.

Wireless, Solar powered Nodes with Battery

Deploy multiple GreenSense nodes with Sensors

Easy to install, configure, operate and maintain.

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How Does it Looks Like

How Smart Irrigation Works

Case Studies

Know more how we have helped growers save water used in irrigation and optimize the plant growth by regulating the irrigation using our next generation sensors.

Farm Asset Management company

With the help of Yuktix solar powered soil moisture sensor, weather station and ETO calculations, we helped the organization save upto 40% on water and 25% on electricity.

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Multinational seed and fertilizer company

With Soil VWC, Soil EC, Soil temperature sensor, we helped the organization plan irrigation and fertigation schedules and thus boost production

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Farmers, growers and plantations have trusted us.

“With Yuktix now i am able to monitor micro-weather, soil. I also get weather updates in real time, irrigation advisory. Have reduced water usage in each farm by 30% and production have improved by almost 50%. ”

“Earlier i didn't have a clue about when to irrigate. Irrigation and rain play a important role in Guava cultivation. With Yuktix now i can monitor soil moisture in multiple location as well as weather forecats.”

"Yuktix GreenSense for Greenhouse allowed me to monitor micro-weather inside my Greenhouse in COVID time, share it with my agronomist, get advisory from him. It got the advisory implemented and saved my plants from Downy Mildew"