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The Problem

Downey mildew is one the most common disease in Grapes. Pathogens thrive in certain weather conditions and access to weather data and pathogen lifecycle can predict diseases in crops. The user wanted an economical solution to accurately predict the onset of disease so that pesticide spraying can be regulated more effectively

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The Challenges

Yuktix Solution

Hyperlocal data was captured using GreenSense nodes (air temperature, humidity and Leaf Wetness). The data collected from the nodes was analyzed using ankiDB™ computation engine running Broome Model.

The onset of Downey mildew was calculated and assigned a probability. A report was generated on daily basis and shared with users over email and SMS.

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How Yuktix is transforming Agriculture with Technology

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What we achieved

30% pesticide reduction.
Pesticide spraying was regulated using alerts.

We tackled the challenges

We helped the grower convert his farm into a next generation digital farm by providing him 24*7 micro-weather monitoring and advisory delivered on his phone

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