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Turn your physical assets into digital data sources with the help of Yuktix ankiDB™ cloud. We provide a low code solution to bring data out of silos and on the network for everyone to share and analyze

Yuktix Technology
Yuktix Cloud

The ankiDB™ solution comprises of ankiDB™ micro and ankiDB™ cloud.

ankiDB™ Cloud

Manage your devices and data over the Yuktix device cloud. Provision and categorize devices, view trends, analyze data and set rule base alerts.


ankiDB Cloud



Account Management

Add users to an account
Set passwords for users
Add multiple accounts that can be public as well as private.
Add user email + phone for notifications

User Management

Add users
Assign users in administrator roles
Only users in administrator roles can perform admin tasks
Allow users to personalize notifications via preference page


List all the triggers for an account
Add/ Edit/ Remove triggers
Add triggers based on channel data and device serial number
Deliver notifications on email and phone based on trigger data and preferences

Device Management

Add channels to the device
Add metadata to device
Create device with universal serial numbers
Create multiple devices of same type using a Device template

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ankiDB™ micro

Plug multiple sensors into the device nodes. Multiple wireless options available. On-board memory and processing.

The ankiDB micro stack comprises of hardware nodes and routers and firmware. The ankiDB micro provides hardware nodes for industrial and offgrid sensor data capture.

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Yuktix Device

ankiDB™ micro


Yuktix devices can be powered by DC 12V or Solar or battery only, thus making them suitable for deployment in in-premise or off-grid deployments.

Solar Computing

Solar powered with battery backup consumes power in the range of few micro in sleep mode and around 5-9 mA while active and 30-35 mA while transmitting data.


Different wired ( RS485, RS232, 4-20mA) and wireless ( GSM, LoRa, Xbee, Satellite ) communication option for transmitting data to ankiDB cloud.

Firmware Stack

Yuktix ankiDB firmware target AVR CPU and is low powered optimized. Out of box support for I2C, SPI, UART, analog, RS485, RS232, GSM, GPRS, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, Satellite, Xbee, LoRa.


Our modular structure allow us to interface different sensor cards and communication option with designing everything from scratch.

Different Interfaces

Multiple GPIO's, UART, Analog pins allow us to interface different sensors and modules thus making it a best platform for quick prototyping.

Cloud Ready

ankiDB micro devices are cloud ready, just plug the power and start accessing data in real time using ankiDB cloud.

Scale Network Topologies

ankiDB micro allow user to use different network topologies as per their set-up like direct to cloud, local wireless sensor network, Local IP network.